The Comfort in Giving

At ComfortCam™ we care about the well-being of children and recognize the importance of giving back to worthy causes.We started our company to make it easier for us to leave our son at home and to ensure he was well cared for when we could not be with him.

Here’s a little background as to how it all started. It was the fall of 2012 and I was just about to return to work after having my son, when a horrible crime occurred on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (just across town from where we lived) that left a beautiful family with two deceased children. My heart broke for the family. It also made me very apprehensive and fearful for my son. It was then that the story of ComfortCam™ began. I wanted to be able to return to work leaving my son and still have confidence and that feeling of security. So, my husband and I developed and designed a camera that I could remotely access from my cell phone.

Today, after two years, a lot of work, and another baby, we are able to provide that confidence and security to all concerned parents by using our baby monitors. You can say that bringing this product to market has been a dream of ours.

It also allows us to donate to children’s causes that we hold dear to our hearts. For every ComfortCam™ that we sell, we pledge a percentage of the sales to a children’s cause. It is our way of making a difference in the world.