ComfortCam vs Other Monitors

ComfortCam vs Motorola Baby Monitors

ComfortCam is clearer and more convenient than traditional baby monitors

Motorola Baby Monitors rely on older technology to capture, transmit and display video resulting in a less-clear and more pixelated video of your baby.

Compare the two images to the left.

Both were captured at the same time and as you can see the video stream coming directly from ComfortCam allows you to see what is happening in your baby's room much more clearly. It isn't only picture quality that stands out, the ComfortCam baby monitor doesn't require you to carry around an additional device or worry about the battery life of another device. Our custom app works on the device you already carry with you!

ComfortCam vs Nest Security Camera

See the full picture 350° viewing vs only 130° of it.

The Nest Cam (formerly Dropcam) was designed as a security camera for your home. Although some people have tried to use it as a baby monitor the results are usually disappointing. ComfortCam gives you the full ability to see the entire room and not a stationary view. As parents, we know that our babies aren't always in their cribs so we designed ComfortCam with a full 350° panning angle vs Nest Cam's 130° static viewing angle. Our custom app is designed with the parents AND baby in mind instead of an app intended for home security.

ComfortCam also streams direct to your device and no data is ever sent to a server or cloud at anytime. This helps ensure a safe and direct connection without worry of your camera being viewed by a stranger. Rest assured you can stay connected, securely. ComfortCam baby camera, simple, fast AND secure.

ComfortCamTM for Android

Nest for Android

ComfortCam vs Summer Infant Baby Monitor

With ComfortCam you get more for less.

ComfortCam WiFi Baby Monitor - $149.99
Summer Infant WiFi Baby Monitor - $249.99

We know that having a baby can put a huge financial strain on a family which is why we made a point to design ComfortCam with the best technology at an affordable price. On average, ComfortCam is $100 cheaper than comparable WiFi baby monitors including Summer Infant. As parents, we have enough on our plates so we want to help keep more money in your wallets.

ComfortCamTM for Android

Summer Infant for Android

Custom App for iOS and Android

Why carry another device around your home? ComfortCam turns any iOS or Android device
into your monitor making life a little more convenient.

Actual ComfortCamTM Video

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ComfortCam WiFi Baby Monitor

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ComfortCam offers tons of features for a fraction of the price of other high-end baby monitors, Depending on your needs choose the option that is best for you. Use ComfortCam in your home or enroll in ComfortCam Plus to see your baby anytime, anywhere in the world. (Data charges may apply.)